How it Works

Starlink operates through a network of low Earth orbit satellites that transmit internet signals directly to user terminals. These terminals, installed at homes or businesses, connect to the nearest satellite in the constellation, which relays the signal through the network to ground stations. This setup enables high-speed internet access globally, particularly in remote areas, by minimizing latency and maximizing reliability.

Service Types

Starlink Standard offers high-speed satellite internet connectivity to homes worldwide, leveraging SpaceX's innovative low Earth orbit satellite constellation. This service provides reliable and fast internet access, bridging the digital divide and empowering users to stay connected regardless of their location. On the other hand, Starlink for Business caters to the needs of enterprises, offering robust internet connectivity solutions tailored to meet the demands of commercial operations. With enhanced reliability, scalability, and performance, Starlink for Business enables businesses to thrive in today's digital economy with confidence.

Speed Comparison
PerformanceStandardHigh Performance
Download25-100 MBPS40-350 MBPS
Upload5-20 MBPS8-80 MBPS
Latency25-50 MS20-50 MS
Dish Comparison
AntennaElectronic Phased Array--
Field of View110 Degress140 Degress
OrientationMotorized Self OrientingFixed
Dish WeightAntenna: 2.9 KG w/o cable (6.4 LBS)
Entire Kit: 3.6 KG w/ (50 FT) 15.2 M
Cable (7.9 LBS)
Antenna: 7.2 KG
Entire Kit: 18 KG
Environmental RatingIP54IP56
Average Power Consumption50-75 W110-150 W
Wind SpeedOperational: 80 KPH+ (50 MPH+)Operational: 270 KPH+ (174 MPH+)
Snow Melt CapabilityUpto 40 MM/HR (1.5 IN/HR)Upto 75 MM/HR (3 IN/HR)
Operating Temperature-30° C to 50° C (-22° F to 122° F)-30° C to 50° C (-22° F to 122° F)
Router Comparison
ChipsetWi-Fi 5Wi-Fi 5
RadioDual Band 3x3 MIMODual Band 3x3 MIMO
Weight1 KG (2.2 LBS)1 KG (2.2 LBS)
Wi-Fi TechnologyIEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards
Compatible with 3 Starlink Nodes
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards
Compatible with 12 Starlink Nodes
DevicesConnect upto 128 devicesConnect upto 128 devices
Operating Temperature-30° C to 50° C (-22° F to 122° F)-30° C to 50° C (-22° F to 122° F)
Environmental RatingIP54 Configured for indoor useIP54 Configured for indoor use
Power IndicatorWhite LED / Base RouterWhite LED / Base Router
Mesh CompatibilityWPA2WPA2
RangeUpto 185 SQM (2000 SQ. FT.)Upto 185 SQM (2000 SQ. FT.)
Power Supply Comparison
GroundingDedicated Earth TerminalDedicated Earth Terminal
MountingWall mount includedWall mount included
Weight--1.5 KG (3 LBS)
Operating Temperature-30° C to 50° C (-22° F to 122° F)-30° C to 50° C (-22° F to 122° F)
Environmental RatingIP56IP56
Starlink Cable15.2 M (50 FT)25 M (82 FT)
Power Supply Cable1.8 M (6 FT)1.8 M (6 FT)
Ethernet Cable--5 M (16.5 FT)
Router Cable--2 M (6.5 FT)
AC Cable (Router)--1.8 M (6 FT)

Kit Installation

Setting up Starlink is a seamless process designed to bring high-speed satellite internet to your location swiftly. Unbox the kit, including the dish, mounting gear, power supply, and router. Find an unobstructed spot, mount the dish securely, connect it to power and the router, and power on. Follow the setup guide via the Starlink app or web interface to activate your service. Enjoy fast internet with ease.

Kit Monitoring

We are committed to providing not just high-speed satellite internet, but also ensuring our customers have access to comprehensive monitoring tools to optimize their experience. That's why we're proud to introduce Polaris™, our advanced monitoring software designed specifically for Starlink users. Polaris™ offers real-time insights into network performance, allowing users to track bandwidth usage, monitor connection stability, and identify any potential issues affecting their internet service. With Polaris™, Starlink subscribers can proactively manage their connection and maximize their online productivity with confidence.

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